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Keller Elementary School teachers working to get basics for children

Posted at 7:52 AM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 11:40:27-04

Keller Elementary School is one of the schools benefiting from the 13 Connects Supplies for Success drive.

The school has been been partnering with businesses in our area to get the students the supplies they need but sometimes, that's not enough.

Teacher Kristen Davis says, "I need the tools I need in order for the students to come in and feel successful. And you never want a student to come in and have that be like a block day one."

Davis has been teaching kids for fourteen years. Like many teachers, she buys school supplies for her students to make sure no child gets left behind in class.

"I usually spend right now, about 400 dollars on that initial re-up every year. Come December, come January you need a whole new set."

Fifty percent of Keller Elementary students are English language learners and 90% of students receive free reduced lunch.

Keller Elementary may have tough demographics, but Principal Audrey Carroll says one thing that makes their students stand out is having a 'growth mindset'.

Carroll says, "It's okay to make mistakes and as long as they keep trying hard."

They say you can help each child continue to learn and grow. Each item you donate will also help give teachers and parents peace of mind for the upcoming school year. 

"Every singe thing that you do donate is going into the hands of a child and  it's one thing that maybe a parent doesn't have to struggle to buy or maybe a teacher doesn't have to struggle," says Davis.