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Keep your Super Bowl party flu-free

Posted at 11:21 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-03 02:21:49-05

This weekend, people will be squeezing into tight spaces, sharing food, and high-fiving at Super Bowl parties all over Las Vegas, all while the flu is running rampant. 

Watch parties can become fertile breeding grounds for flu germs. 

'We're going to have hand-sanitizers throughout the house," said Brett Raymer, Las Vegas resident and star of reality show "Tanked". 

Raymer is hosting a large party on Sunday and is already taking precautions to guard against the flu. 

"If I catch anyone coughing I'm going to walk up behind them and just snap it on!," Raymer said while holding a surgical mask. 

Local bars are also gearing up for the large crowds and potential germs that come with them. 

Tony Radovich owns an Eagles bar called Madison Avenue. He said the bar will be using disposable plates and cups throughout their watch party to avoid the spread of germs. As an extra defense, Radovich thinks a shot of alcohol can never hurt. 

"Shots of jaegermeister, fireball, I think they'll help with curing or fighting off the flu," Radovich said. 

The American Red Cross issued tips this week to keep your Super Bowl party flu-free. The organization recommends using tongs to serve snacks, providing disposable towels in guest restrooms, avoiding kisses or high-fives when celebrating, and writing names on cups.