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Kardashians, friends visit Lamar Odom

Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-14 22:36:41-04
Lamar Odom is at Sunrise Hospital fighting for his life.
Friends and family have been visiting since Tuesday night, and the hospital has been surrounded by people hoping for a glimpse of celebrity.
Odom was found unconscious in a brothel north of Pahrump. 
Reverend Jesse Jackson was at Odom's bedside Wednesday. He told Action News Odom was on life support.
Retired NBA player Mike Brown says Odom is breathing through a ventilator.
Kobe Bryant and Khloe Kardashian have reportedly been to visit as well. Kardashian and Odom are in the middle of finalizing their divorce. 
Odom's struggled with alcohol and drugs and he's faced the loss of loved ones.
His son died in 2006 and two friends died earlier this year.
Action News attempted to access Odom's Las Vegas community where he resides, but all access has been denied.