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Jollibee restaurant hurt by debunked Facebook video

Posted at 5:56 AM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 11:30:28-04

Despite being debunked, a widely shared video on Facebook is hurting local restaurant Jollibee.

Now, the fast-food chain located near West Sahara Avenue and South Fort Apache Road is trying to spread the truth. The restaurant has the official report from the Southern Nevada Health District posted on their front door and the takeout window.

The area manager for the eatery told 13 Action News sales are still hurting because of the post.

It started with a video which claims to show some nasty stuff at Jollibee. The video was posted last month.

The Health District saw the video and surprised the restaurant with a visit. Inspectors couldn't verify the video; the proof has been posted in the restaurant's windows ever since. Yet that hasn't fixed all the damage.

"Negativity can spread so much faster than good news, stuff like that," said Eddie Causing, a Jollibee customer.

For many people, a gut reaction to the video pushed them to share it.

"I would think oh my God that's disgusting and gross. I wouldn't go anymore," said Brittany Causing, another Jollibee customer.

One click, that's all it can take to hurt someone's job.

If you think a restaurant is doing something dangerous there are many ways you can report it to the Southern Nevada Health District. They have a form on their website, but you can also reach out via Facebook and email.

With enough information, inspectors have to respond in a timely manner.