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More than 1,500 attend downtown job fair

Posted at 6:44 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 09:05:54-05

More than 1,500 people over the past two days went to a job fair at the Fremont hotel-casino, hoping to get either seasonal or permanent work in time for the holidays.

Companies like Caesars, Nike, and others were hoping fill jobs -- everything from servers to hosts.

The fair drew many who said all they wanted for the holidays was a job.

"I want to support my family, my brothers, my grandma especially," says Octavio Garcia Gutierrez.  

He says right now, he's unemployed and says his disability also makes finding work a challenge.

Gutierrez, along with Steven Baca, went the fair along with their job coach, Tia Campbell. Campbell says although it's a competitive market right now, there are still a lot of jobs to be had in Las Vegas.

"You kind of have to dig for them, but they're out there," she says.  

Campbell says especially during the holidays, there's a lot of seasonal work including at the casinos.

Baca says he's hoping to find a fitness job, and Garcia wants something involving cooking.  

"If I wanted to get a Christmas gift, it would be a job," Baca says.