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IV drip therapy promises quick, convenient way to ward off colds and boost energy

Posted at 12:00 PM, Feb 05, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We all lead busy lives. We start to feel run down, get sick and eventually we end up in the doctor’s office. But what if there was a way to ward off sickness and boost your energy?

That way could be IV therapy. It’s a quick surge of vitamins and mineral flowing from an IV drip bag, through a tube and straight into your blood stream.

"The liquids just make you feel like your body isn’t beat up anymore,” said Elizabeth Eshragh.

People like Elizabeth swear by it. She comes to Regenerate Me located in The District in Henderson at least once a month for an immunity drip.

A lot of people have only been stuck with a needle and hooked up to an IV drip in a sterile hospital setting.

But here it's a leisurely spa-like treatment that's expected to be one of the top health and wellness trends of 2019.

"It’s pretty relaxing,” she said. “The chairs are zero gravity, they massage your feet and it’s kind of like a time out for 45 minutes."

“I think there is a shift in the way people are starting to look at healthcare,” said Dr. Minesh Amin.

Dr. Amin is the medical director at Regenerate Me.

"There’s a movement where people want to start being proactive and continuing to do things that help keep them healthy so they don’t end up in the hospital.” Dr. Amin said.

The drips gained popularity through celebrities and as a quick hangover cure, especially in Las Vegas where Regenerate Me's first location was on the strip at The Linq.

"I think I initially came in here for a hangover bag," Elizabeth said with a laugh.

It’s a drip that replaces fluids and glutathione.

"What glutathione does is to primarily deactivate alcohol when it goes through the liver,” said Dr. Amin. “But the more we drink we use up our body’s source of glutathione and that’s when we really start to feel drunk."

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Elizabeth said. “That light switch. It turns it back on."

IV therapy is expected to be a more than $13 billion dollar industry across the country by 2024 according to Grand View Market Research. They cost between $99 and $220 for a basic drip. While immunity and hangover drips are popular patients say they also help fight jet lag

“I travel a lot so especially before I leave town or take a long flight this helps me not get sick,” Elizabeth said.

They are also said to help with muscle soreness and improve skin and hair in a way that's much more efficient than taking multi-vitamins by mouth since it bypasses your digestive system.

"By putting everything straight into the blood we allow one hundred percent bioavailability,” said Dr. Amin. “Meaning everything that we are giving you is actually going to be used by the body."

Of course, any health trend comes with safety concerns.

“Do I think it’s a bad trend? Not necessarily,” said Dr. Anastasia Karaminides of P3 Medical Group. “Do I think it’s necessary as often as it’s being applied? Probably not. But I think it’s very beneficial in some patients."

Dr. Karaminides says you should only get IV therapy at places like Regenerate Me that have on staff physicians, a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistants.

Be wary of online ads which offer home service.

IV therapy has been around since the 70's, but she sees exactly why it has become popular at a time when people want quick, convenient health solutions.

"This is just the progression of medicine as we know it,” said Dr. Karaminides

"It gives you peace of mind,” said Elizabeth. “It makes you feel that it’s one last thing you have to think about on your plate.”