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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Young man says he didn't get paid for security work at EDC

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 21:54:47-04
Behind the lights and the music at Electric Daisy Carnival are hundreds of people who make sure the show goes on and everyone is safe.
This year, a North Las Vegas man who was among then said he still has not been paid. Charles Julian did contracted security for Bellator Protective Services.
"I actually found them on Craigslist and I found out they were helping the EDC," said Julian. "So I was trying to hurry up and get working so I could get out of my mom's house."
He says he started on June fourth, as they were setting up for EDC, and worked until the 20th.
On the 20th Bellator gave him a check for $402. But when he went to the bank he says it was a bad check.
"It was just kind of like, 'so I worked in the 100-degree weather for no reason? to not get paid?' So it was just kind of like I was working for free," said Julian.
He and his mom have been working to find out when he will get his money.
"I'm beyond pissed," said his mom, Lakisha Carter. "One, it wasn't fair for him to work 182 hours at ten dollars an hour, that's almost two thousand dollars that he didn't get paid."
13 Action News stepped in and we called Bellator. The head of Bellator told us no one else had the problem Julian did with the first check - although Julian said he knows at least one other person with the same issue. But they also told us they put his second check in the mail on July first and he will be getting what he's owed in the next few days.
Julian and his mom did the right thing by also turning to the Labor Commissioner and starting a wage claim so they can investigate, too.