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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Women say apartment has severe mold issue

Posted at 7:53 PM, Oct 17, 2016
Two valley women say their children's health is at risk living in an apartment building full of mold.
They say their management at Liberty Village Apartments, near Nellis Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue, isn't doing enough to fix it.
Beneshia Stewart and Kimberly Ware said they found dark colored mold growing in their apartment as soon as they moved in.
"We looked down in the bathroom and it looked like something was growing on the door," said Stewart.
They said they called the office many times and submitted work orders to have someone do something about the mold.
"Three weeks after we moved in all they did was wipe it off and that was it," Ware said.
Now, the mold is back and they are worried about the impact it could have on their kids' health. Stewart says 1-year-old King already has breathing problems.
"Does it take one of us to die for them to get a clue this is something serious?" Stewart said. 
They think the cause of the mold is the unit directly below theirs. No one lives there right now, and there is dark mold crawling up the walls, visible through the windows.
13 Action News went to the management at Liberty Village Apartments. 
They did not seem to have heard about the issue until we told them, but promised us they would move Ware and Stewart to a new unit. 
We'll make sure that happens.