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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Woman worried about crosswalk on Nellis Boulevard

Posted at 11:26 PM, Apr 05, 2017

A Las Vegas woman has made it her mission to improve the safety of a crosswalk near her home at Nellis Boulevard and Cedar Avenue.

When Gloria Dillard moved to that area in August of 2012, she immediately saw the crosswalk was an issue.

"When I saw the four-car pile up ... and it involved a person in a wheelchair that was just trying to cross the street, and that's where it hit me," said Dillard. 

13 Action News crews watched several people try and walk across the six lanes of traffic, battling cars Dillard said are constantly speeding. 

"I can't see our future getting destroyed over something careless as such," she said.

She believes some simple changes could make a big difference, and she called the Clark County commissioner in her area to let him know.

"If they can put the lights up, a button to show that a pedestrian is trying to cross, that's all I would request," Dillard said. "If it's money, we need a GoFundMe account, I am for it.

It's a unique intersection where the city of Las Vegas, Clark County, and Nevada Department of Transportation all come together.

The city traffic engineer says they are going to have the crosswalk repainted. She also said it's perfect for pedestrian-activated flashers and added it to NDOT's pedestrian safety improvement project.