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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Woman finds mushrooms growing in her apartment

Posted at 6:47 PM, Feb 28, 2017
Next to the movies and toys, Jana Bainum found mushrooms growing up through her carpet. She blames a leak on her patio door frame.
"Every time it rains, it leaks," Bainum said. "Every time."
She says she asked management at the apartment complex near Horizon Ridge and Green Valley parkways to fix it. She has asked every time it leaks, but they have not come up with a permanent fix. 
"It's my job as a mom to keep him (my son) safe and I can't," said Bainum.
She wants out of her lease, not another temporary fix. 
"I can't do this anymore," said Bainum. "I can't live like this anymore."
Management came to Bainum's unit while 13 Action News crews were inside. But the manager would not tell us what they are going to do for Bainum.
We called Olen, the property management company, but no one returned our calls.
For Bainum, as long as they come out and fix her apartment when something goes wrong, the property is upholding their part of the lease. But if you have an issue with your apartment, you are entitled to a fix.