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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Teen struck by uninsured driver in shopping center parking lot

Posted at 7:08 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 22:09:00-05

One valley girl has spent the last few months of her senior year of high school stuck at home.

She was in a car wreck, and while she is healing, the other driver got off without even a ticket.

Casey Destin said Dec. 28 started just like any other day. Then, she was leaving the employee parking lot at Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, when she got in a car crash.

"I just remember white and then I don't remember anything," said Casey Destin. "Then I woke up in the ambulance, covered in blood and I freaked out."

The motor scooter she was riding was a mess after the crash. But she was also badly injured.

"It was rough seeing her like that," said Casey's dad, J.J. Destin. "She's strong. It hurt, you know, but she was strong."

But because the crash happened in the mall parking lot, which is private property, there's not a lot police can do about the driver.

Attorney Christian Gabroy explained how the driver got away without so much as a ticket, even though she didn't have insurance or a valid license.

"The problem that we have is when you have private areas and when you have private parking lots and you have private developments and stuff like that, those are different rules of the road," said Gabroy.

Because the mall parking lot is private property, police can't cite the driver who hit Destin.

But Gabroy has some advice if you're ever in a crash on private property:

- Get medical treatment
- Take pictures and video of the scene
- Track down witnesses and get their contact information
- Ask store security to do incident report
- Send a letter to nearby stores asking them to save surveillance video