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Teacher says students suffer with no A/C

Posted at 6:45 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 21:45:00-04
The end of the school year will likely be the end of the teaching career for one Clark County teacher.
After the air conditioner in her classroom broke more than a month ago and still hasn't been fixed, she decided she had had enough. 
Melissa Jimenez said it only added to the stress, having about 20 third graders in a portable that only gets hotter as the day wears on.
She said her administration at Snyder Elementary reported the issue to the district maintenance department, but nothing was done for weeks. 
"Finally, they were able to come and take a look at it and it needs a new unit," said Jimenez. "But at the point where my administration allowed me to go to a different portable, that had been three weeks later and there was no end in sight, no repairs, or anything along those lines was taking place."
Jimenez said she and her class spent the morning in the portable, then move inside to another classroom when it gets too hot. Sometimes they have to share a classroom with another class, and they spend their day in as many as three different classrooms. 
Jimenez is upset there was not more urgency by the district to get things fixed. 
"This is not a school site issue, it's just something that has become a concern for the safety and health of the students as well as myself," said Jimenez.
The Clark County School District sent us the following statement:
"When the broken air conditioning unit was originally reported, it was thought that the unit could simply be replaced in a matter of a few days. Therefore, the teacher and her students were utilizing empty classrooms.
"After further review by maintenance staff, it was discovered that the entire air conditioning unit for this portable classroom would need to be replaced. At this point, the teacher and her students have been assigned a different portable classroom.
"We understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for staff and students, especially when temperatures are elevated. Our priority is safety; this is why the teacher and her students were moved to classrooms that have working air conditioning.
"The entire air conditioning unit for the original classroom has been ordered and will be replaced."