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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Student says she was attacked on Las Vegas school bus

Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 23:00:54-05

A Centennial High School student is recovering after she says she was attacked on her bus ride home. She says the other students on the bus and the driver did nothing.

Shontaya Harris says she got on her bus and set her backpack down when a boy accidentally tripped over her bag.

She says that's when he threw markers at her. She asked why he did that, and he told her it was because he thought she tripped him. That's when she says he got violent, throwing several punches at her face.

"It was blow after blow after blow," Harris says. "It was like a hammer coming towards my face."

She says blacked out during the attack and fell down into her seat.  When Harris came to, she was still on the bus.  

Harris says no one did anything and the driver didn't stop. She used a friend's phone to call her mom from bus, and she waited for her when the bus arrived home near 215 and Cheyenne Avenue.

When she got off the bus, her eye was so swollen she couldn't open it. Her mom confronted the bus driver about why she didn't stop for help.  

"She said she did pull over," says mom Iciss Harris. "But the kids said 'no she didn't' and I asked 'why did you lie?'"

Shontaya's mom took her the emergency room, and doctors said she suffered a concussion.

She says the boy who attacked her lives in their neighborhood. They confronted the boy's father, who seemed to be OK with his son hitting a girl.

Now, the family wants answers.

13 Action News took their concerns to the Clark County School District. The school district did confirm that the policy is for bus drivers to pull over safely if there is a disturbance.

They say they're investigating this case. The family says they have a meeting with the dean and also want a restraining order.

Shontaya Harris says she's afraid to go back to school because she'll see the attacker again.