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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE: Sidewalks at busy intersection unsafe for disabled people

Posted at 8:12 PM, Oct 06, 2016

Uneven sidewalks at a busy valley intersection are creating a danger for people in wheelchairs.

Jeffrey Lane passes through the intersection at Charleston and Lamb boulevards every day in his motorized scooter. He's fed up with feeling unsafe.

"I have to wiggle [my wheelchair] to get over the asphalt," Lane said. "I shouldn't have to do that. The disabled should be able to get across the street freely."

The problem is the heights of the road and sidewalk are uneven. Anyone in a wheelchair who rolls down the sidewalk ramp into the gutter area is immediately faced with a substantial curb to get up onto Charleston to cross the street.

"I have to avoid the curb or I have to pop a wheelie," said Kevin McGhee, who uses a wheelchair. "You just can't roll up into these sidewalks. It's just asking for an accident and I'm surprised if you haven't had an accident here."

We found out the Nevada Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining Charleston Boulevard.

We sent them pictures we took of the problem, and they gave us the good news Lane and the others were hoping for. The Department of Transportation says maintenance crews will even up the gutter and the roadway by the end of next week.