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YOU ASK. Pregnant woman living with cockroaches

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 21:52:29-04
A pregnant Las Vegas woman told 13 Action News that she is living in hell because she has cockroaches in her apartment and there have been multiple break-ins at her apartment complex. 
She reached out to us and asked for help.
The woman lives in the Newport Cove apartments, which are located near Hacienda Avenue and Tamarus.
Juliece Robinson Armstrong is six months pregnant and she told us that she and her husband were hoping to find a nice apartment for herself and her growing family. Instead, she ended up in an apartment that is infested and plagued with problems.
Armstrong says that she has to clean all the time and they keep many of their belongings in plastic bads to protect them from the bugs. But, she is still afraid for her health and safety and for her unborn child.
The apartment complex does have a pest control service that sprays. However, Armstrong says that is not getting the job done. She also told 13 Action News that she recently went four days without hot water and had to fight with management to get it fixed. In addition, there have been several car break-ins despite the fact that the complex has security.
Our call for Action volunteers attempted to reach management, but when that didn't work, we went there instead and demanded answers.
We were told that we weren't allowed to record on the property and they had no comment.
However, shortly after, 13 Action News received a phone call from the same employees in the front office explaining they had only been working there for 2 days.
So, 13 Action News headed to the property management company and got the same reaction -- no comment.
But, just a few hours later, property management reached out and said that they are trying to make it right with the Robinson Armstrong family.