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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Plans for new Terrible Herbst upsetting neighbors

Corner of Lone Mountain and Cliff Shadows
Posted at 4:59 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-11 02:58:32-05
An empty lot at the corner of Lone Mountain and Cliff Shadows Parkway is the center of a new debate and a target of many people's anger. A developer is trying to build a new Terrible Herbst on that lot. 
Marilyn Mattson lives a few blocks from that intersection. She has lived in that Northwest neighborhood since 2004, and moved out here because she likes the quieter, less developed area.
"Since then it's built up, which no one is happy about, but there is another Terrible's less than two miles down the road," said Mattson. "So it seems pointless to have this monstrosity in a rural area in people's backyard."
The Terrible's would be right over Staci Sidman's back wall.
"The neighbors paid extra money for that view, and now it's going to be blocked by Terrible's gas station and neon signs," Sidman said. 
The property is already zoned commercial. But the developer asking for special use for "more intense development" than would normally be there.
Jace Radke, spokesman for the City of Las Vegas, urges you to come to planning and city council meetings. If you can't, call or write to your councilperson. 13 Action News called ward four councilman, Stavros Anthony. Anthony said he has been getting letters in the mail against the new Terrible's, but he plans to listen to what the developer has to see at next Wednesday's council meeting and public hearing on the topic.
Anthony wants to hear from you on this topic. He can be reached by phone at 702-229-2524 or by email at santhony@lasvegasnevada.gov