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YOU ASK: Cop on phone sparks outrage

Posted at 6:11 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 09:05:52-04
A photo of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer using his phone behind the wheel is making people across the valley and internet angry.
It looks like the car was moving, but what the officer is doing on his phone no one, not even police know.
They could not give us an on-camera interview but told us what's happening in the photo violates their policy.  
Police said they understand the public's outrage, and find the photo unacceptable.
The photo does not show the vehicle number, so they are still trying to figure out who this officer is so they can send this up the chain of command. He could be punished, but will most likely keep his job.
There is some gray area in the law that might give the officer in this photo a pass. Law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency personnel can use their phones while driving if they're using it for work.
The public cannot use a cell phone unless reporting an emergency or using a hands-free device to make a call.
Even though state law lets police use their phone while driving, police policy forbids it.