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YOU ASK: Persistent mushrooms plague bathroom

Posted at 9:29 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 02:53:56-04

Shortly after moving in to their new apartment at Sorrento Villas, Nicole Palmer noticed something in the corner of her bathroom.

"I didn't know what it was, I was going to go pick it up. So when I got close to it, I thought it was a snake head," Palmer said of her apartment near Alexander and Pecos roads.
Her neighbor came in and took a closer look and discovered it was a mushroom growing out of the corner.

"She chopped it off and then we poured ammonia around it and it turned into slime," Palmer said.
She said she contacted the leasing office and the management company, but no one ever got back to her to help clean it up. Palmer and her mom Benita cleaned it themselves so her two little children wouldn't get to it, but that didn't do the trick.
"About two weeks later, I was going back into the restroom and another mushroom was growing out of the same hole," she said.
Management at Sorrento Villas agreed to let them change units, but the Palmers said things didn't get much better. They said the smoke detectors won't stop beeping. And there's a familiar sight: mold in their new bathroom.
"You made me feel like I was coming into a home, that I probably could stay here, maybe five years," Benita said. "But then when I get here, it's not like that. So therefore you sold me a fake dream."

13 Action News went to the leasing office at Sorrento Villas to get answers. Management insisted they had the mushrooms cleaned out. They showed us four work orders, but none of them were for cleaning up the mushrooms. They insist it is because of their new computer system.

But we insisted they make things right for the Palmer family. They agreed to fix the smoke detectors right now and have the mold in the bathroom cleaned up as soon as they can.