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Parents upset after bus stop is moved

Posted at 7:18 PM, Jan 22, 2016
A group of parents are fighting with both their homeowners association and the Clark County School District.
The parents are claiming that the bus stop for their children has been moved to a very dangerous location near Pebble and Pecos roads.
The students attend Vanderberg Elementary School.
Parent Chad Tayor says that he moved into the neighborhood "because it's safe."
Trista Taylor told Action News that it's "kind of scary" because they are in the middle of the road and "I'm only 7."
The new bus stop is located to a very busy street with five lanes of heavy traffic.
In addition to the danger posed by the passing cars, parents are also afraid that if someone tried to grab one of their children, the kids would not have anywhere to run.
The old bus stop was right in front of the Pebble Creek neighborhood.
It was moved after the homeowners association asked the school district to move it. The HOA claimed that the students were trashing the area and it was costing thousands of dollars to repair.
The parents of the students aren't taking the move lying down. They are waiting with their children at the old bus stop until the bus driver makes a second stop. But now their kids are stuck in the middle. The children are being told that if they don't go to the new bus stop, they will be punished.
The parents reached out to Action News after they were unable to resolve the problem.
Action News approached the school first, who told us to call the CCSD Transportation Department.
They took down our information and said they would call back.
When they did, they told us that it all comes down to safety and that, in general, they try to avoid having school buses backing up and turning in tight streets, which could be the case at the old bus stop.
But, it doesn't appear that the bus drivers are having that problem and that the HOA just doesn't want the bus driving through their neighborhood.
The school district told Action News that they have opened an investigation and are working with the HOA and the parents to come up with a solution.