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YOU ASK. Neighbors battle it out over plants

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 13:44:22-04
A battle between neighbors has gone all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court, and it's all because of some plants and a property line.
Gloria put several plants in her front yard on the property line. Her neighbors did not like it, so code enforcement was called.
In July 2012, Clark County Code Enforcement marked the property line with green string, and said as long as the plants were behind the string they were OK. Her neighbors decided to take the case to court.
"That didn't satisfy the homeowner for this other property and they took my mother to court and it's been in court ever since November 2012," said Jesiah DeChanel, Gloria's son.
DeChanel chose to speak with 13 Action News because he said his mother's English is limited, and he believes that may have hurt her when she went to court.
"I don't think she was able to articulate very well her situation," he said. "Unfortunately they stated that my mother had to move her plants five feet back."
DeChanel said his mom appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court, but the case was sent back down to district court.
The lawyer for the neighbors, Michael Bohn, said the district court judge told her multiple times and sanctioned her for $3,000 to get her to move the plants.
When our crews went out to her home Tuesday, they were moved to the right place.
However, because she did not listen before, Bohn said she could be facing jail time. Her next court date is May 10.