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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Mom waits more than a month for baby's ashes

Baby was a stillborn
Posted at 4:59 PM, May 02, 2017

A Las Vegas valley mom went through a nightmare when her pregnancy ended with her baby a stillborn. She is looking to close that chapter of her life but has not been able to because it's been more than a month and she still does not have the ashes.

Delivering her third son was a nightmare for Misty Todd.

"It was the worst experience of my life," said Todd. "It was horrible."

She said the doctors could not find a heartbeat, but she still had to deliver. Afterwards, she chose to cremate the boy and what happened during that process is the reason she called 13 Action News.

"We still haven't received his ashes or anything," Todd said.

She said she made arrangements with Palm Mortuary on Eastern Avenue and even paid in advance to have the baby cremated. But she delivered on Feb. 17 and still does not have the ashes.

"It's been horrible," Todd said. "I just want to get them so that way I can have some kind of closure."

13 Action News called Palm Mortuary and eventually got a hold of someone with answers to the question that's been weighing on Todd -- why it's taking so long for her to get her baby's ashes.

They told us in cases like this, they needed a special death certificate and also permit from Clark County to do the cremation.

A Palm Mortuary employee said they have been working in tandem with the county and the hospital to get the necessary documentation, but errors with the paperwork held things up. They could not give us the exact reason why, because of privacy issues, but did say it took longer than expected.

Workers at Palm Mortuary promised 13 Action News they would call Todd Tuesday to get the ashes.