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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Man says rain has ruined his home in Overton

Posted at 6:41 PM, Nov 21, 2016
An Overton man says his home is being ruined by flooding every time it rains.
On Monday morning, Jody Madewell had to go hunting for his recycling bin after it floated away.
"Ever since I moved here it's been flooding, and basically every time it rains I get flooded," said Madewell, who has been in his current home for about seven years. 
He snapped several pictures right after the rain stopped to show just how bad the flooding gets. They show standing water all over the area.
"My air conditioner's ruined, my duct work is ruined, there's mold under the house, it's not worth the money to even live here," Madewell said. 
He said one of the houses in his small neighborhood was so damaged it had to be torn down. 
He is discouraged because he says no one seems interested in fixing the problem. Madewell said he has talked to the town board, Clark County, and the Nevada Department of Transportation, but has not gotten any help.
13 Action News called the county, too, but they said this issue falls on NDOT. 
NDOT said they couldn't comment because of an ongoing investigation. They will continue to work with the property owner.