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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Local veteran facing transportation fiasco

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 00:09:52-04
A valley veteran says he's tired of getting the runaround from the Regional Transportation Commission. 
He is upset because he has no direct route to the VA Medical Center on North Pecos Road.
When Ben Przesmicki has to get to the VA Medical Center for an appointment, it is an all-day endeavor.
He has two options on how to get there and says neither one is good.
"I gotta take the Lamb bus to Craig, get off on Craig and catch the 219 to Losee, and then from Losee catch the DVX and that takes one and half to two hours," said Przesmicki. "If the Craig 219 bus is delayed or the DVX is delayed, you're screwed."
He could take the 203 bus route, but their closest stop to the VA Medical Center is about four miles away. 
13 Action News crews wanted to see exactly what the 69-year-old goes through in order to get to his doctor's appointments. 
We took the 15-minute walk with him to the nearest bus stop.
Przesmicki just wants to the 203 route to go all the way to the VA so all valley veterans would have easier access to both the VA primary care center on Charleston and Lamb boulevards and the VA Medical Center on North Pecos Road.
"I've had a couple of appointments at the VA Medical Center that I canceled because it's just too much of a hassle to get to the VA Medical Center," Przesmicki said.
He believes many people and hundreds of other veterans would benefit from having a bus route that has direct service to the VA.
"This would be a big benefit to the Las Vegas veteran community," he said.
13 Action News talked off camera with Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak, Commissioner Larry Brown and Clark County's spokesman. 
They all declined our request for a comment on the situation and referred us to the RTC.
After speaking with the RTC over the phone twice, they did not allow us to interview anyone. Przesmicki said they told him they only change bus routes twice a year.
The RTC has a program called The Veterans Medical Transportation Network specifically to get vets to their appointments.
However, Przesmicki believes if the program worked there would not be so many vets on their bus routes.
Further, he contacted us because he says there needs to be a direct route on the schedule to drop people off at the VA.