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YOU ASK: Man says DMV made same mistake 4 times

Posted at 5:40 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 20:54:37-04
A lot of us have experienced frustration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
One man reached out to 13 Action News after numerous trips still left his issue unresolved. He said he has spent at least 10 hours working on this before he called us.
Walking more than 30 feet and standing for more than a few minutes is difficult for Andrew Lerner.
"What I did was I fractured my knee cap and it was knocked halfway out of the socket," said Lerner, who now depends on a cane to be able to walk and stand even for short periods of time.
He has been trying to get an Expedited Service Permit, which requires government offices to either give him a place to sit or send him to the front of the line. You get it at the DMV, just like a driver's license.
"She took all of my information and she told me seven to ten days," Lerner said of his first visit to the DMV.
But when the permit arrived in the mail, it did not have his middle name or middle initial, and got his apartment number wrong.
He called their call center and was told he had to go back to the DMV in person. He went back twice and got the exact same card with the same errors another two times.
"I'll go as far as a mistake once," said Lerner. "Three times, as far as I'm concerned it's inexcusable, it's unprofessional, and it's uncaring."
They sent him a fourth ID in the mail and it was wrong yet again.
"I got all kinds of stories," he said. "One supervisor said one thing, another said the other thing. Who am I to believe?"
DMV Public Information Officer Kevin Malone admitted it was Lerner who found the problem in the first place.
"This is buried really, really deep in the computer system," said Malone. "We've had a supervisor and an IT person who thought it was fixed and then Mr. Lerner gets another card with the same error on it."
When 13 Action news confronted him, we were told Lerner will not have to come in again. They will send him a card once they get the problem solved.
So far, they have no other reports of the problem happening to anyone else.