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HOA threatens to tow woman's car

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 23:08:37-04
LAS VEGAS, NV (KTNV) -- One valley woman who was upset with her homeowner's association turned to 13 Action News for help.
She was afraid her HOA would have her perfectly good car towed.
Since March, Twila Keylor's car has been tagged to be towed several times in the complex near Durango Drive and Sahara Avenue. The first time it said her car was leaking oil. So, she emailed the HOA management, FirstService Residential.
"I said, 'it's an older car, there might be a drip here or there, but it's not leaking oil," said Keylor. "She said, 'unfortunately if any leakage at all you have to have it fixed or remove it from property or park off property.'"
Keylor brought it to a mechanic to tighten things up, but the tags kept coming. Her last tag was late last week, and said again her car was leaking.
"I did put a piece of cardboard under my car," Keylor said. "There's been approximately one drop a day, so I just feel that this is excessive."
She contacted the HOA manager, but never heard back.
13 Action News went to get her some answers. We went to the office on property, and they directed us to the HOA management. We went to the FirstService Residential office and were told we need an appointment.
"I haven't been getting much sleep because every time I hear a diesel truck or a UPS truck or anything in the night, I wake up thinking they're towing my car," said Keylor.
After our visit to FirstService, Keylor said they contacted her landlord.
She said they told her landlord they had been overzealous and would not tow her car.
When they returned our call, they told us the towing company took photos and there was more than one drop of leakage, but said they could not comment further on an individual tenant's issue.