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YOU ASK WE INVESTIGATE: HOA holds meeting at pool in record heat

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 28, 2016
On a day of record-breaking heat, a valley homeowners' association is holding its regular meeting outside!
The pool might be a good place to take a refreshing swim on a hot day, but Thursday it is the site of the HOA meeting for the Johnathan Glen Homeowners' Association.
"I'm concerned, mainly, because of the excessive heat warning and also the advisory conditions when we have folks in the community that have COPD and can't breathe that want to attend this meeting," said David McCauley, who has lived in his house in this HOA for 17 years.
McCauley says the trees are a key part of this. Pictures show several pines trees that used to stand around the pool, shading the area. 
Since the pictures were taken, McCauley said the HOA had all of those cut-down. In fact, he said they cut down 28 pine trees like these around the community and the controversial issue is back on the agenda tonight.
"There's no shade at all and you're just going to melt and get sick," said Barb Bergman, an original homeowner in the HOA.
McCauley and Bergman each have one of the remaining pines near their houses and think the HOA is holding the meeting outside to deter them and other homeowners who want to see these trees stay.
Barbara Boggs is another original homeowner and said she would be placing herself in danger going to the meeting.
"They would probably be calling 911 to send an ambulance after me and if that's what it takes, then I guess I'm going to have to go," said Boggs.
13 Action News went to the HOA management company, Nicklin Property Managment. But when we showed up, everyone went in their office and shut the doors and the receptionist told us no one was available.
McCauley has done everything he can. He has reported his HOA to the Common Interest Community Ombudsman and even tried mediation. 
Now, he and his neighbors have to look at getting rid of the current board through elections.