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YOU ASK: Family says county is hurting income

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 22:34:50-04
A Clark County family called us because they say a new county ordinance is cutting off their source of income. They say it popped up without their knowledge and limits what they can put on their property.
The motor homes on Linda McGuire's property could cause her to lose her home. She and her brother have been renting spaces on their two pieces of property to friends and family to store motor homes, campers, and other recreational vehicles. It started around the year 2008.
"I was trying to get a modification from my bank, and they had told me I needed to bring my income up to keep my home," said Linda McGuire, who is on disability and takes care of her elderly mother.
The money she makes from storing about 15 RVs on her property helps her pay her mortgage. She says she did not know it was against the law until she got a letter from the district attorney.
"I was shocked that we weren't notified, that we didn't have any forewarning," said McGuire. "I just received a letter from the district attorney telling me to cease."
The letter informed her of a new ordinance: people in Clark County cannot have more than three RVs on their property without a special permit.
"I can't afford to go through the special use permits and all that," McGuire said. "That's out of my reach."
She and her brother have been renting the spaces for RVs for several years.
"I can't understand why it would be a problem for anyone, and I've not had any complaints," she said.
However, apparently it was a problem for one neighbor, living near her brother. She said this neighbor had more chickens than allowed by code. Our crews even spotted some wandering off his property. So, Linda's brother reported this to county code enforcement.
With the county's new ordinance banning this many trailers, Linda is worried she could be in financial trouble.
"If I lose my RVs income, I won't have my home," she said.
13 Action News reached out to Clark County. 
Dan Kulin, their spokesman, said what Linda and her brother are doing was already illegal before the new ordinance was adopted. Kulin said from what we told him, they are operating a business out of a residential property -- a zoning violation. 
He went on to address their other concern, saying this RV ordinance was on the commission agenda three separate times. 
The agenda is posted online before the meetings, giving them what the county considers enough notice.