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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Family says bed bugs ruined hotel stay

Posted at 8:34 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 23:53:08-04
Guests at one Las Vegas Strip hotel say they were awakened early one morning by something crawling in their beds.
"Around 4 a.m. I felt something crawling on my leg and I wasn't sure what it was," said Daniel Adams, who was staying in one of the two adjoining rooms. "So as I got out of bed and turned the lights on I actually found the bug crawling across the bed."
Adams said he caught two bed bugs while staying at the Polo Towers on Aug. 24, 2014. He and his family came out for a birthday celebration.
"It was a big day, it was a once in a lifetime event. My daughter turned 21 and this was her present from me. I feel it was ruined," said Pamela Zogg, Daniel Adams' mother and the one who charged the adjoining rooms to her credit card.
The bugs were disturbing, but what really got Adams and Zogg upset was how the hotel reacted. Adams said they offered to have him move rooms but would not move the rest of the party in the adjoining room. 
After they all got back to California, they had their own home treated for bed bugs, afraid they may have snuck home in the luggage. 
On top of that, Adams is still dealing with what happened.
"I have a lot of problems sleeping, anxiety, fear of parasitosis and things like that, at times waking up feeling like I have bugs crawling on me," said Adams. "They told me heat will kill them so I'll run an iron over my bed to make sure, just little things like that that I've never had to live with before."
Adams, his mom, and his brother-in-law hired a lawyer after they said the hotel offered them nothing to make up for their unexpected room guests.
"They never stepped out to find out if I was ok, how was our stay, anything, and I feel let down," said Zogg. "They didn't offer me anything, not even an 'I'm sorry.'"
We reached out to Polo Towers' parent company, Diamond Resorts. 
They denied our request for an interview, and sent us the following statement:
"The health, well-being and comfort of our owners, members and guests is our top priority. As such, we take allegations of bed bugs very seriously and have a strict set of policies in place aimed at both preventing and eradicating bed bugs on our property. We cannot comment further due to pending litigation."