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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Dog remains in Henderson neighborhood after puppy killed

Posted at 6:48 PM, Feb 16, 2017

A pet owner is distraught after her new puppy was killed by another dog. But that dog is still in the neighborhood.

Angela Walker said she was walking her two dogs on a path in her neighborhood near Sunset Road and Galleria Drive when they were attacked by a big dog.

"I was just screaming the entire time," said Walker.

Walker said she was on a walk with 3-year-old Montana and 5-month-old Austin when a large dog came running up to them.

"Before I knew it, this dog was on top of my puppy ... and then when he was done with my puppy Austin, he went for the older dog Montana and started to attack him," Walker remembers.

The other dog's owner ran up before the dog was able to badly hurt Montana. Austin was not so lucky.

"I'll never forget the sound of 5-month-old puppy gasping for air," said Walker. "I just can't get that out of my head. We just couldn't get to the hospital fast enough."

Austin died in the back of her car, but the dog who attacked him is still in their neighborhood.

"I would hate to see something like this happen to someone else," Walker said. "My puppy can be replaced. A child cannot be replaced."

We called Henderson Police for answers. They said their animal control team deemed the dog dangerous.

The owner has a week to appeal, and during that time the dog cannot leave their property. If that dog's owner does not appeal, they have 14 days to turn the dog over to animal control.

Police said they gave the owners this time because while the dog is dangerous, they do not believe he is dangerous to anyone living with the dog.