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Autistic kindergartners not allowed to 'graduate

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 26, 2016
One class of local kindergartners was set to move to 1st grade, but without a celebration.
That class happens to all be children with autism. But 13 Action News stepped in and made things right.
Being outside, riding his pony, and playing video games are some of Bo Truax's favorite things.
"He loves school, he runs to the bus whenever it comes, because it picks him up in front of our house so he'll run down to the bus really excited," said Tomi Truax, Bo's mom.
Bo is just like a lot of other kids. And just like all the other kids in his class, Bo has autism. Tomi was preparing for the end of the year kindergarten graduation when she heard her friends who have their kids in other kindergarten classes talking about it. Truax called the front office at Sue Morrow Elementary.
"I told them I didn't have any paperwork on it, but when i told them the teacher name they said, 'Oh well that particular teacher doesn't have a ceremony for the students,'," Truax told Action News.
Truax called Bo's teacher, who she says told her there is no graduation ceremony because they have a mix of both kindergarten and pre-k students in the class. But that's not enough for Truax.
"And Just because he's in a special class due to his autism, they're not going to have one," Truax said. "I didn't find that fair at all. If he talks to his other friends that are in the 'normal' classes and finds out that they all had ceremonies and whatnot, and he doesn't, I could only imagine that would make him feel not as special."
That is where Action News and You Ask We Investigate got involved. We put in a call to the Clark County School District, to try and get an explanation.
After our calls, Bo Truax and all his classmates will get to participate in the same ceremony as all the other kindergartners.