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YOU ASK UPDATE: Apartments plagued with feces finally clean

Posted at 7:42 PM, Oct 25, 2016
NOV. 18 UPDATE: Someone has finally picked up the poop at an apartment complex on Fremont and Bruce Streets.
John Allen says human and dog feces were sitting in two different stairwells. He says he called management numerous times, but they did nothing.
An attorney for the management company said they would send someone to clean up. After calls from us and from John, it's finally clean.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- At 13 Action News, we get a lot of calls and emails from people dealing with disgusting living conditions. This call may have been the worst of them all.
A viewer called to tell us about human and animal feces in a stairwell at his apartment near Fremont Street and Bruce Avenue.
"Human feces in the stairwell, dog feces in the stairwell, garbage, food thrown in the hallways, stairs, I mean, it's pretty unsanitary," said John Allen, who reached out to us for help.  
Allen said he has had bed bugs twice in the year and a half he has lived there. There are also issues with the air conditioning and the carpet, but his frustration reached a peak in early September when he found poop in the stairwell.
"It laid there for about 48 hours before somebody just swept it up, did not clean or sanitize the stairwell," said Allen.
He said he has told management about it several times, but no one came to clean the area. 13 Action News went to talk with management.
The manager asked us to call their attorney. He told us over the phone that he would have someone go out and clean the area.