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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Mom says bully attacked her son with scissors

She says it's the latest in battle with bullies
Posted at 8:08 PM, Feb 22, 2017
A single mother said her son was attacked by another student with a pair of scissors. And she says this is just the latest in his battle with bullies.
Anthony has not been to class this week after leaving his former school Lincoln Elementary. His mom, Rosalyne Smith, said it is all because of bullying she thinks was allowed to go too far last Tuesday. She had no idea what happened that day until she went to pick him up.
"And that's when the nurse told me he was cut by another student," said Smith. "At the time I asked, 'why wasn't I contacted?' Their response was it had just happened. But the other kid's parent was contacted."
This was more than a week ago, and the third grader still has a mark on his arm from where Smith said a teacher's aide told her another student cut him with a pair of scissors. She is upset they didn't let her know as soon as it happened.
"By the grace of god it wasn't worse," Smith said. "It could have been an eyeball, it could have been an artery, it could have been a lot worse than the cut that he received."
But she's even angrier because she thinks more should have been done to prevent this entirely.
"There should have been something done from the beginning when my son had been being antagonized to the point where he kept continuing to tell the students to stop," said Smith. "I mean, at what point do you have to separate these kids?"
13 Action News reached out to the Clark County School District to see what more could have been done. Because both students are minors, there is not much they can say. They sent us the following statement:
"School Police are aware of the allegation. A district associate superintendent is also handling the matter.
We are committed to working with the parent to find a resolution." 
CCSD's own bullying policy says teacher or assistants who see bullying should report it to the principal as soon as possible, but Smith does not think that happened in this case. She is waiting for the district to reassign her son to a new school where he can get a fresh start.