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YOU ASK: Cancer survivor told she can't ride paratransit

Brianna was told her assessment was not complete
Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 22:26:20-05
A cancer survivor and amputee said she was told she was not eligible for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada's Paratransit service.
Without help from her mom, Brianna Jones is basically stuck at home.
"My mom is not always available," said Brianna. "It's hard to drive. I don't have a right foot so it's going to be hard using a left foot."
She lost her right leg to cancer and is in a wheelchair. In January, she had to re-apply for the RTC's Paratransit program. Brianna said she went through the assessment and then heard she wasn't eligible for the program. 13 Action News reached out to the RTC to find out why. The RTC said a third-party gives the assessments, and that Brianna's wasn't complete.
"I have a physical condition for the rest of my life and it's not coming out of their pocket, so why are they giving me a hard time? I don't understand," said Brianna.
She said it would be too difficult and unsafe to travel by herself to the nearest bus stop. Her mom, Pamela, has a full-time job, but drives Brianna whenever she can and she's scared of her daughter using the standard bus system. 
"Very nervous, on pins and needles knowing she's on this medication," said Pamela Jones. "A lot of these pain medications cause drowsiness."
The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund has a lot of advice as to what you should do when apply, and if you get denied.
Brianna is scheduled to finish her assesment Tuesday.