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Las Vegas valley workers outside trying to stay safe in the heat

Posted at 3:57 PM, Jun 20, 2017

Even in the heat of the Las Vegas summer, some people spend their entire work day outside. Several employers are taking measure to help keep those employees safe.

With hardly an inch of skin showing, Sonia Parker is ready to hit the streets and deliver your mail. 

"(There is) a lot of protective gear that you use to stay cool," said Parker.

As a letter carrier in Las Vegas for 15 years the job is old hat, but the heat is still a battle on days like today.

"I think I can remember a couple of 116 days," said Parker. "Last year it got pretty hot."

The United States Postal Service in Las Vegas has water at all their stations. They are also bringing more carriers in, so each one spends less time in the heat. Plus, they ordered bottled water, Gatorade and cooling towels.

Nevada OSHA got seven complaints in the past three days about heat-related issues, just in the Las Vegas area.

Cox Cable is taking precautions for their workers. They are giving workers water coolers, ice, electrolyte mix, sunscreen and cooling towels.