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Las Vegas woman dealing with mold and leaking pipes for more than a month

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Posted at 5:27 PM, May 10, 2017

A valley woman says she is living in a house full of mold and the people renting it to her won't fix it.

"I wake up at night to go use the restroom, and there's water everywhere in the hallway," said Shaunell Gatewood.

13 Action News first talked with Gatewood on March 25 when she had similar problems: mold and standing water on the floor at her residence near Charleston Boulevard and Eastern Avenue.

She said not much has changed since the first time we talked to her.

"Basically all they did was do a cover up," said Gatewood. "They never fixed the pipes in the walls or anything. They just placed the plywood on there and left."

Gatewood said she is still having the same problems with mold, but now also has this big hole in the wall, and her daughter is still sick. Gatewood said it has gotten so bad she stopped paying rent. 

13 Action News went to the Southern Nevada Housing Authority, who manages Gatewood's residence. They went to get a director for us to talk with, but she was in a meeting.

When the agency oversight director called us back, she said they sent a manager out to the unit Wednesday and will fix it Thursday.

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