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Warrant issued for man after police error

Posted at 5:34 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 22:34:37-04
We have told you about the threat of identity theft. But in this case, it is a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer's fault one man's personal information is in the hands of a stranger.
Devin Gray got a ticket in August for expired registration and he resolved it right away.
"Three days after I got the ticket it was dismissed," said Gray. "I went and got it registered the very same day I got the ticket."
When he got a call last week from the courts, it was very strange.
"They had a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear back on March 9," Gray said. "She informed it was for a expired registration ticket."
The problem is the spelling of the first name. The man who talked to 13 Action News is Devin Gray, while the person police cited is Devon Gray. Devin and Devon are also different races, have different cars, and have driver's licenses from different states. 
Devin Gray showed us a copy of the ticket. All the information on it is for Devon, except the social security number and birthday which are for Devin. 
"My main concern is who gave out my information, like my social security number and my date of birth," said Gray. "What I think happened is I think he got pulled over, the cop had his information, ran his information, forgot to get his social security number from him, pulled up all my information and wrote it all down."
Police admitted to us this was officer error. They said it probably happened because the two men have similar names. They said the officer likely does not even know he/she made this mistake, so there was no punishment. 
Devin Gray said he went to court and showed them his driver's license and they dropped his warrant.
He has been checking his credit and doesn't believe Devon Gray has done any damage.