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Legacy High School cutting choir program

Students upset
Posted at 4:19 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 11:19:48-04

A Las Vegas valley high schooler said her school is getting rid of one her favorite programs -- choir.

Luz Castro said her choir teacher told them the choir program was being cut.

"He offered to get a replacement teacher for next year and the years coming, but instead they just cut choir altogether," said Castro.

She said there are more than a hundred students at the school taking choir and she sings in school for several hours a week.

"It made me feel really bad when I heard this because I was planning a future to get a scholarship with choir," Castro said. "I was going to plan to audition for UNR and that was my first choice to go was choir."

Castro said the Legacy High choir has a lot of scholarship recipients, but the district said they don't keep track of scholarships. There are about 200 schools with choir-specific scholarships, and dozens of individual scholarships for music and choir.

13 Action News reached out to the Clark County School District and received the following statement:

"Choir will not be offered next school year. Schools make decisions based on the interests of its students. Legacy High School has other performing arts offerings, such as guitar, orchestra, drama and band."

They went on to say the principal wants to make choir a student club - and they are looking for an advisor.