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Vacant home causing neighborhood misery

Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 31, 2016
Neighbors say a home on their block has been vacant for almost two decades and is causing progressively worse issues in the neighborhood.
Therese lives in her mom's old home near the vacant home on 11th, and is very familiar with the situation. She has seen all kinds of things over the years the home has been vacant, from people dumping trash to using drugs at the house.
"A lot of homeless, a lot of street people, a lot of things we don't even want to talk about," said Therese.
She said 19 years ago, the old owner left, walking out with the door unlocked and all his things inside. Since then, she and the other neighbors have been keeping a look out.
"For our own safety as well as for the safety of our neighbors," Therese said. "All the neighbors are involved in watching this property."
But they are tired of it and want the city to do something about it. 
"I don't think they've done their best, for whatever reason," said Therese. "They just keep piling on liens on top of liens on it, without doing anything."
The house has $158,000 in liens from the city and county for unpaid taxes and code violations.
The city says the home has another violation they are going to have send someone out to take care of. The county has put the house up for auction twice, but no one bought it.
The city and county say they can't take the property, and the best they can do is put it up for auctions.
If you have a problem in your neighborhood, let code enforcement know. You can call them, or use the myDistrictD app which helps you pinpoint and send pictures of the offenses.