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Tenants say management is using extension cords to power refrigerators

they say power went out Monday
Posted at 5:42 PM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-17 12:34:50-04

Tenants say a whole apartment building is without power, and management using extension cords to keep everyone's refrigerators running.

"Well the first nine hours, it got up to 117 inside my apartment," said Terry McGee, who lives in the complex at Spencer and Rawhide.

McGee said the power at in his apartment building went out Monday. He said NV Energy came out, but that wasn't enough to get the power back on.

"Nine hours later they said, 'we're going to give you a cord so you have power to your refrigerator,'" McGee recalled.

Friday they still had extension cords snaking around the building that McGee said are plugged in to other people's units! 13 Action News went to the office to see what was going on.

"Nevada Power replaced all the wire underground and when they connected the electricity, this building is forty years old, so the connected switch broke and now we have to replace the whole panel and that's exactly what we're doing right now," said the on-site manager.

She said they hope to have it fixed Saturday. She also said only two of the eight people living in the one affected building are being put up in a hotel because the remaining people didn't want to be put in a hotel. When asked how tenants may be reimbursed for the power outage, she said, 'we'll work with them.'

Electricity is considered an essential service, which means your landlord has to provide it or compensate you.