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Sunbathing seniors worried over drone use in retirement community

Posted at 7:19 PM, Oct 26, 2017

There are growing concerns in a valley retirement community after people there say management announced the use of a drone to inspect homes and backyards near Tropicana and Boulder Highway.

Folks living in Tropicana Palms say the announcement was made on Wednesday during a monthly resident meeting.

Resident Jim Darby says many people living within the community were upset by the move because of privacy concerns.

Darby says his wife likes to sunbathe in the backyard.

"Using drones with cameras and stuff, I'm not hiding anything here. I don't want people to see my wife in a bathing suit," said Darby.

A regional manager for Tropicana Palms would not comment on the drone situation.

According to Nevada law, AB239, property owners have a right to privacy and, under certain circumstances, can bring trespassing complaints against drone operators who fly over their properties.