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Special needs girl dropped off at wrong Las Vegas house

Posted at 6:59 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 21:59:51-04

There are 150,000 student pick-ups and drop-offs within the Clark County School District every day.
For one mom, she says there was a major hiccup when her 6-year-old special needs daughter did not make it home during the first week of school.

"Well I was really worried stressed out and emotional,” said Adriana Hernandez.
Hernandez’ daughter Lizette was born premature and suffers from developmental issues.

Little Lizette needs help getting on the bus from her school, Hal Smith Elementary. For whatever reason, on the fourth day of school, that did not happen.

"It seem like a long time for me, because every minute they went by, it seemed like forever for me," Hernandez said.
Hernandez said her daughter’s school realized the error and made arrangements to get Lizette home.
Hernandez said that was the beginning of her nightmare.
New audio recordings of her call for help show district employees dropped Lizette off at the wrong house.

"What happen right now is the student went in the door at the apartment and there's no adult there,” a Clark County District operator said to Hernandez.
Additional documents obtained by Contact 13 detail how school district employees let Lizette enter a home near Boulder Highway and Harmon Avenue.
While Hernandez was on the phone, she overheard radio traffic conversations between the school district employees about the incident.

Operator: "OK the address, the school gave to the officer is wrong."

Radio: "For the 42 (address) oh my goodness! 4734! It's a good thing we didn't get shot!"  
"That is when [a school district employee] told a story, that they went to the wrong address, and that’s when my daughter went into the wrong house, turned the knob, went in there alone and was with a big huge dog,” said Hernandez.
After the mix-up was cleared up, Lizette made it home two hours later, unharmed.
Contact 13 asked the district how this could happen. CCSD could not release details, citing privacy laws.
A spokesperson released the a statement regarding the incident:

“The safety and well-being of our students is of the utmost importance. In this instance, CCSD staff worked diligently to ensure a student arrived home safely from school.

After learning about the incident, the school principal quickly reached out and talked with the child’s parent to address any concerns.

Measures have been taken to assure the student has a proper transportation method to and from school on a designated school bus."

Hernandez says what happened is unacceptable. She hopes her experience reminds other parents that this scenario could happen to anyone.