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UPDATE: Seniors still without hot water

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2017-01-04 00:18:41-05
UPDATE: Some seniors are at the end of their rope.
Last week, we told you folks at Ensemble Senior Apartments had been living without heat or hot water. They say even after our story, the problem is not getting any better.
On Aug. 1, AJ moved into Ensemble Senior Apartments -- most of that time she said spent without heat or hot water. 
AJ was too scared to show her face on camera but has had enough.
"This is a stress level that is not needed for any senior slash disabled facility," she said.
She said she had hot water for about a month when they installed a smart boost box.
"They hooked it up in the washroom and it was effective," AJ said. "It was an alternative. I had normal hot water through this box and I was elated."
But she said they took it away and told her the hot water was fixed, but she says she hasn't had hot water since. AJ says she has several health conditions that require her to take hot showers, and she just wants answers and a permanent fix. 
"The residents are most upset because we are kept in the dark at this point," said AJ. "No one knows what's going on."
AJ said they never offered her additional space heaters or the option to withhold rent.

13 Action News reached out to Ovation Management Tuesday, but they would not return our calls and told us through a text that they are sticking with their previous statement, which can be found below. They would not answer any of our follow up questions, like why they won't put the smart boost box back in AJ's apartment.

Later Tuesday afternoon, AJ did have hot water again but it is unknown for how long.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- More than a dozen seniors are without heat and hot water in their apartments, and many have been living like that for weeks.

For Jan Quillin, it has been more than three months without heat and hot water at Ensemble Senior Apartments near South Las Vegas Boulevard and Pebble Road.
"I'm angry, I'm very angry," said Quillin.
The only way she can keep warm is a space heater management gave her in November.
"But when it turned cold here the last two weeks, it's unbelievable," she said. 
Quillin said her apartment has been as cold as 62 degrees. She is on a fixed income and says she spends more than half her monthly income on rent.
"I think it's crooked, I really do," she said. "You don't do that, especially to seniors."
13 Action News went to the leasing office to get answers, but the on-site manager would not talk with us and asked us to leave the property.
But after our visit, Erica Arthur, the vice president of Ovation Property Management -- which owns and manages Ensemble -- gave us a call.
Arthur told 13 Action News they did not know about the problems with the heat until late October, when their residents started turning on their heating systems. She said the water has never been below 80 degrees.
After we called, Arthur offered to let Quillin use another unit for a hot shower and to give her additional space heaters. Arthur said they are working hard to fix the issue for the 18 people affected and hope to have it fixed soon.
So what should you know? According to the Civil Law Self Help Center, heat and hot water are considered essential services, and they have some advice. If either is missing, send your landlord a letter via certified mail letting them know what's happening.
If the issue is an essential service, like heat and hot water, the landlord has 48 hours to try and fix it. If they haven't at least tried, you can start exercising your rights -- like withholding rent.

Ovation Property Management released this statement in regards to the issue:

"Ovation Property Management is working diligently to maintain hot water and heat at affected units at the Ensemble Senior Community Apartments.
Management regrets that since
October, 2016 several units have experienced intermittent heat and hot water issues; however, to date, most of the issues are resolved and we hope to have full resolution shortly. Engineers and professional plumbing companies are on site daily working to rectify the issues.
We have been in contact with all residents affected by the heat and hot water issues in the community; no resident has been fully without hot water or heat since we discovered the problems.  We have provided, at no cost to the tenant, space heaters to every affected apartment to supplement the heat. All residents significantly affected have been offered alternative housing at no cost to them, abatement of rent if they chose to reside with family or friends during the repairs or a full release from their lease agreement.
We regret any inconvenience these issues have caused to our tenants and we are continually working to resolve the heat and hot water issues."