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Safety improvements coming to deadly intersection near UNLV

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 28, 2017

The danger is there nearly every minute of every day at a crosswalk at Naples Drive and Swenson Street near UNLV.
Contact 13 witnessed the danger first hand, as a man came within inches of being hit by a car that failed to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk on Thursday.

Stephanie Winfield lives near the crosswalk, and she used her camera phone to record a number of close calls.

“Stephanie what is your biggest fear in all of this?” asked Contact 13 Investigative Reporter Joe Bartels.

“That somebody is going to be seriously injured or killed,” said Winfield. “There has been quite a few near misses. And the drivers are upset because people are walking."

Folks living nearby say the crosswalk could use a new paint job to complement the large yellow crossing signs and yellow flashers.

Contact 13 has learned the intersection at Naples and Swenson used to have a pedestrian-activated signal. County officials say the signal broke in 2015 and was replaced by temporary lights that flash all the time.

Since then, people living and working nearby, say the near-misses have happened with breath-taking frequency.

"I have a customer who comes into my store, he got ran over and got knocked out. And he woke up and he was in the hospital,” said convenience store owner, Jerry Park.

Locals have also reported problems with speeding drivers. Contact 13 used a radar gun to clock clocks near the crossing.

The speed limit is 35 miles per hour, but several drivers were observed traveling over 40 miles per hour by Contact 13.

The road has proven to be deadly as well. In April, a motorcycle rider died after hitting a pole at the intersection.

Contact 13 can confirm Clark County will install a new pedestrian-activated signal at the intersection this winter. The lights will alert drivers a pedestrian is attempting to cross the street.