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UPDATE: City councilwoman Michele Fiore upset after seeing video of pumpkin patch crashes

New amusement ride tips over with kids on board
Posted at 4:08 PM, Oct 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 21:36:08-04

OCT. 31 UPDATE: Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore says she was upset after seeing videos of the rides breaking down with kids on board.

She says she wants to see more oversight.  Right now, while carnival operators have to secure a permit, it's up to the individual operators to maintain their rides.

Fiore says she's working to draft an ordinance to make sure there's a better system for inspecting rides and reporting accidents when they happen.

OCT. 30 UPDATE: The Ramirez family says they knew they were in trouble when they heard a loud bang.

"There was a big clunk and we went down.  And I already knew that it was going to flip over," Esmeralda Ramirez said.

Esmeralda was on the ride with her brother and cousin.

"I was paying attention to them thinking something was wrong with their tea cup and out of nowhere my teacup just slammed on the ground," Angel Ramirez said.

All three had to go to the hospital to checked out.

Esmeralda went in an ambulance after hitting her head.

The other two were taken by the family with banged up knees and shoulders.

All three are expected to be okay physically, but the parents say it may be a while before they want to go on another ride.

"We were supposed to go to Disneyland in December, and they don't want to go," Juan Ramirez said.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Halloween pumpkin patch visit ended in a scary trip to the hospital for one family after a ride unexpectedly tipped over.

Las Vegas city officials said it happened on Saturday at the pumpkin patch located at 6392 Centennial Center Blvd., near Ann Road and US 95.

Around 9:17 p.m., fire officials were called after a ride tipped over while kids were on board. Four minor injuries were reported. One child was taken to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation, another was driven by private vehicle.

Two others were released to their parents after on-scene evaluations.

Contact 13 has learned the pumpkin patch is operated by Seasonal Adventures, a California based company.

The owner spoke to Contact 13 by phone Monday.

Rob Lambert said the ride involved is called the "Mind Winder." It consists of six baskets which hold two passengers each. Each basket rotates at less than 10 revolutions per minute. It is classified as a kiddie ride.

The apparatus involved in Saturday's tipping incident was brand new, according to Lambert.

Lambert said the ride was immediately removed from the patch and was sent back to the manufacturer for evaluation.

Lambert said there are similar style rides at each of the 4 other pumpkin patches around the valley.

Lambert said safety is a top priority and has been in contact with the family involved.

Contact 13 has learned the passengers involved in Saturday's incident were all on one side of the ride as it tipped.

Contact 13 spoke to Las Vegas City officials by phone and by email. A staff member said the city does not inspect installations of carnival and amusement rides, adding, business licensing and fire prevention staff do not have the required expertise.