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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Potholes plague east side of valley

Posted at 7:12 PM, Jan 24, 2017
The rain is gone but it left behind problems on the east side of the valley. There are some nasty potholes the folks who live out there want fixed.
"I went to the store, I come home and boom, the front end of my car just went up," said Annette Schuck.
Schuck said she hit one the other day near Stewart Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. There are more near Washington Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.
Neighbors told 13 Action News this happens every time it rains. Some think it happens because there is inadequate drainage on Hollywood Boulevard, partly since some people in the area are on septic systems. People are worried about more than just their cars.
"Everybody that lives up here on the hill are concerned, not only for our cars, it's for the safety of other people because some of them try to avoid the potholes and when they avoid the potholes they collide with other cars or probably a pedestrian," said Tom Guevara.
Guevara said Clark County used to be quick to patch the potholes, but hasn't been lately.
13 Action News called Clark County, and officials said they will send someone out to fix it in the next couple days.