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Pigeons terrorizing local neighborhood

Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 01, 2016
A valley neighborhood is fed up with the nuisances from a vacant house on their block.
After the old owner left, something else came in.
"You've got a four foot hole with about 25 pigeons now living in it," said neighbor Don Lunt. "So they don't just stay there, they make their move. As you look around every day we have to sweep and hose off the property."
Lunt lives two doors down and said the pigeons are just one of the issues at this property. He said kids walking home from school used to sneak in and damage the home, before the fire inside.
"One night I think the gang bangers I believe were partying up in there and they started a small fire," Lunt said. "By the next day it actually turned into a regular fire."
A spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said vacant homes can be crime magnets.
However, unless there is something criminal going on there is not much they can do beyond having the place boarded up. A spokesman for Clark County said code enforcement had it boarded up again ten days ago.
"Every time you get an appraisal, it's always those kind of things that bring down the common value of your home," said Lunt. 
The Clark County Assessor's website said a man owns the home, and lists the address at this house as his contact point.
Lunt did his own research, even contacting the last owner's family. Lunt said he found the bank owns the home.