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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Neighbors say someone is stealing their dogs

Two cases in the Paradise Palms neighborhood
Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 23:02:01-05

People in one valley neighborhood say their dogs were taken right from their backyards.

Two different families in the Paradise Palms neighborhood, between Boulevard Mall and the Las Vegas National Golf Club, talked with 13 Action News. 

Three kids are without their best friend.
Sulema said someone stole their dachshund, Odin, right out of their backyard. He was a comfort animal for two of Sulema's children with special needs. She said a homeless couple found him but traded him to a homeless man for a box of pizza.
They aren't the only family missing a member.
"We looked all over, I checked behind the sheds, I checked every place and she was just gone," said Crystal Benito. 
Benito said about six months ago someone stole her Chihuahua Lluvia from her yard. She said there is no way she could have gotten out on her won and she would not have wanted to leave without her other dog, who was still left there. 
"We loved her," said Benito. "Her mate was here, I mean these dogs never separated. So if she would have gotten out, if they did get out they would always go together, and they would always follow each other."
Benito believes someone took Lluvia because she was the purebred -- unlike the other dog -- and she would never go anywhere without their other dog.
"I just think it's really, really sad that people do that because these are members of the family," Benito said. "For them to come and just take them, that's really sad."
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say you can help them in cases like this by filing a police report.