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Parents say new elementary school needs safer roads

Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 21:49:37-04

The excitement of being back at school is quickly being lost on some parents after they say a new elementary school is the southwest valley is lacking certain safety equipment.

Shelly Berkley Elementary School, located near Ft. Apache and Sunset, is one of six schools that opened across Clark County this year. At a cost of more than 20 million dollars and a year of construction, some parents say eased overcrowding and was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

"We were having a great time, the first four days at Shelly Berkeley,” said Katrina Alvarez-Hyman, a parent of 3 students.

“It's a really good school, it has really small class sizes, it's brand new," added Alvarez-Hyman.

But, the new school feeling wore off before the first week even ended for some parents. Alvarez-Hyman says the school lacks sidewalks, school zones, light flashers, and, until recently, crosswalks.

"We were expecting them to have it completed, before school started, and when school started we noticed there's nothing there,’ said Alvarez-Hyman.

13 Action News witnessed the hectic after-school traffic Thursday. Parents and students walked into the streets surrounding the school because sidewalks were closed and under construction.

Clark County officials say that all exterior safety equipment is the responsibility of the Clark County School District. Once everything is in place, County workers do a final inspection.
A Clark County spokesperson says, that has not happened yet.
Alvarez-Hyman says she yanked her three kids from the school and returned them to their former school nearby.
13 Action News contacted the School District and has learned safety equipment should be installed within the next 4 months.