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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Neighbors say pigeons are taking over

Posted at 6:55 PM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 21:55:18-05
Neighbors in the southwest part of the valley say the are overwhelmed with pigeons taking over the neighborhood. 
They say the birds flock to the area near Blue Diamond Road and Rainbow Boulevard because one of the neighbors is feeding them. 
"I'm fearful of the fact of additional rodents coming in, so I'm out here on my property daily," said James Childrey, who reached out to 13 Action News for help with the pigeon problem. 
Childrey said he put up fake owls, put grates in the eaves, and cleans his driveway of pigeon feces daily to try and deter them from his home. 
As soon as he moved in in April, he said he noticed the next door neighbor feeding pigeons, who would flock to the area. 
This summer, he says he found more than ten dead pigeons on his roof and would regularly pull them out of the pool filter. 
"It's been very frustrating. It's been stressful, but I'm worried about the health concerns as it affects myself and my family," Childrey said.
Other neighbors feel the same. They said they have tried talking to the person feeding the pigeons but haven't been successful. 
Now one of them, John Jacobs, is moving. 
"The pigeons do play a big part of that," said Jacobs.
13 Action News went to their community managers of their neighborhood, First Service Residential. They said they are not aware of this particular pigeon problem but can help these folks. 
If they find the neighbor is feeding the birds, he could face a fine. If it escalates to a health and welfare issue, he could face more severe consequences.
We also talked to the spokesman for Clark County, who says feeding pigeons is not illegal.