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Neighbors say homeless are taking over the area

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 21:12:49-05
People in a central Las Vegas neighborhood say homeless people and squatters are taking over the area.
Frank Underhill owns four apartments of Maryland and Vegas Valley. He used to live there, too, until some unwanted squatters and homeless moved in.
"I moved out because I was afraid of what was going on," said Underhill.
Derek Robertson still lives there. He said it has gotten worse over the years, and especially since the Walgreens closed in the last few months.
"You're just constantly wondering, looking over your shoulder because there's people coming through the complex, breaking into the mailboxes, digging through the trash cans," Robertson said. 
We went to check it out for ourselves and it was as if they set up their own little apartment. There were toiletries, cooking supplies, clothes, and even furniture. 
But the people paying rent to live in the apartments nearby say no one has done anything to help.
"We've installed security cameras up around the building," Robertson said. "It's not really helping that much. It's deterring them a little bit from breaking into the mail boxes and stuff, but otherwise it's really not doing much."
Action News told police about the issues there, and they let their community oriented policing units know. Several hours later, they showed up on scene.
The same day, after we called them, a unit showed up at the homeless camp at Walgreens.